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Dr Christine Hall



"Hall is a rising star: Calm, authoritative and exceptionally kind"

"Dr. Christine Hall was very lovely and very honest and did not push for unnecessary procedures ! The staff were all friendly the clinic was beautiful"

"Dr Hall, was friendly and put me at ease, and was really knowledgeable, explained the process & all the aftercare needed. Would highly recommend."

"Christine was very helpful and gentle as she carried this procedure. 48h later I am seeing no bruising whatsoever, so her skill level is very high and I can’t wait for the results!"

"You know when you visit an energetic friend and you leave feeling all positive and energised - that’s what it’s like visiting The Taktouk Clinic, but the added bonus - you also leave looking amazing!! Thank you Dr Christine Hall and the Team, love your vibe and love what you do."

"Perfect again - so glad I’ve found the clinic! I really love the dialogue I have with the doctors here. All the work is elegant, the prices are reasonable and nothing is pushed. Thank you!"

"Every time I visit, Dr. Christine listens attentively to my concerns and provides the most suitable treatments that yield incredible results. She is the star behind my glass skin! If you are looking for knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate aesthetic doctors, look no further. Five stars all the way!"

"Absolutely wonderful as always - really took the time to talk through the procedure and after care - felt I was in very safe hands"

"You are in very very safe hands with Christine - she is not only incredibly knowledgeable and skilled but also super kind, considerate and funny! I asked a ton of questions and she was happy to answer every one! Walked away on a cloud! They are the best!"

"Dr Christine was incredibly reassuring and very generous with her time and expertise. I came away feeling really confident with the process and excited about what's to come."

"Full of knowledge, experience and happy to share all of that when answering questions from slightly anxious me! Thank you."

"I can't recommend this clinic or Dr Christine highly enough. The warmth and professionalism is second to none and visiting Dr Christine is like seeing a friend you haven't seen in ages. She's also fantastic at her job, precise, thoughtful and totally tailors treatment to reflect your concerns."

"Absolutely fantastic - so professional and knowledgable and really took the time to talk me through everything - WONDERFUL"

"Dr.Hall is excellent, to the point and understands immediately what the patient wants. the whole process from reception to treatment was beyond smooth."

"Love the time Dr Hall dedicated to explaining to me everything about the treatment. She was professional, thorough, and very honest about no "one size fits all" solution. She gave me useful advice on skin care as well, beyond my expectations. I feel like I can trust her, as she did not treat me like a "source of cash" for the medical studio (as sometimes happen...). I felt treated like a proper patient, being cared for. Thank you!"

"Dr Christine was fantastic, so easy to talk to. She understood and delivered exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend her !"

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