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Dr Christine Hall



Dr. Christine Hall


Dr Christine Hall is a fully qualified, GMC registered, General Practitioner in medical aesthetics. 

Dr Christine attended Warwick Medical School, achieving distinctions in surgical and anaesthetic specialities before graduating at the top of the year.  Her post-graduate training was completed in North-West London in both medical and surgical fields before she specialised as a GP with a special interest in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. 

Prior to her career in medicine, Dr Christine worked as a pharmacist. She graduated with a First Class Master of Pharmacy from Cardiff University alongside honorary life membership for outstanding services and grades. 

She worked for 3 years as a Resident Pharmacist at Guys and St Thomas' hospitals and the St John’s institute of dermatology during where she attained the Post Graduate Diploma in General Pharmacy Practice.  

Born into a family with 5 generations of food scientists and being of English and South-Korean descent Dr Christine developed personal interests in skincare, skin health and nutrition.  Combining these interest with her clinical experience and frequent trips to Seoul,  Dr Christine is at the forefront of Aesthetic medicine.

Dr Christine works exclusively at the Taktouk clinic alongside Dr Wassim Taktouk, Professor Firas Al-Niaimi, Dr Pamela Benito , Dr Rebecca Seldon and Nadia Aminian. She continues to work for the NHS as an emergency medicine Dr and GP alongside her work in Aesthetic medicine.

  Christine Hall

Dr Christine Hall
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