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Dr Christine Hall
Dr Christine Hall




One of the biggest trends from South Korea is 'glass skin'.  Literally referring to a sheet of glass the trend is to get glowing, dewy, flawless skin.  This is achieved by delivering tiny droplets of botulinum toxin into the superficial layers of the skin and is known as ‘Microtox’ or ‘skin botulinum toxin’ – the most commonly delivered treatment in Seoul.

 - medical aesthetics
The technique utilises botulinum toxin differently to traditional methods; the concentration is lower and it is injected as micro droplets very superficially and not into the deeper part of the muscle. 

The toxin is injected into surface of the muscle fibres where they 'tether' to the skin which reduces the pulling effects of the fibres on the skin whilst the main body of the muscle continues to work – the result being that muscle movement and expression is maintained whilst finer surface movements and lines are relaxed. This gives a much more natural and relaxed look. 

As the toxin is injected into a different layer than standard botulinum toxin , it has multiple other benefits through its action on sweat glands, lymphatics and sebaceous glands
- Plumper, smoother skin
- Reduction in sweating 
- Reduced oil and sebum production – perfect for oily and acne-prone skin 
- Reduction in the appearance of pores as a result of less production of oil and sebum
- Reduction in facial flushing in conditions such as rosacea

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